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Established in 2002 primarily as a defense contracting company providing services to customers in Louisiana and Mississippi, we have now branched out to provide our unique wide range of services to include the commercial industry. Our resume of services is primarily focused on installation, maintenance, and support in every aspect of facility related items, as well as, hardware maintenance and support of IT equipment.

High Performance Solutions is a proven organization. More than a contractor or a maintenance provider, we are a resource that our customers look to for continued operation and assistance in everyday life, as well as a time of tragedy.

Why Choose Us

We at High Performance Solutions designed a model for maintenance and operation of critical power equipment in 2002.
Our model has proven its value since that time, especially during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Our customers experience zero downtime of critical facility components once our program is put in place.
Please contact us today so that you can see how our program will work for you as it does for the NAVY, NOAA and NASA!

In our business, our reputation is everything. We strive to ensure the very best quality performance of work is delivered.
With our customers at the Naval Oceanographic Office, NOAA and NASA, our reputation is that of going above and beyond our contract obligations to ensure our equipment is always operational.
We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation, we aren’t going to risk it.
Let us know how we can develop a great reputation with you!

As the CEO of High Performance Solutions, I first started operating High Performance Solutions out of a broom closet.
Today we have grown to multiple offices in multiple states. We didn’t get to where we are by cutting corners or bad job performance.
As the CEO of High Performance Solutions, I can promise you that we will deliver the best level of service possible. From there, we will then go above and beyond.
I guarantee it.

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